And Now For Something Completely Predictable: Law Suits with Hepatitis C Treatments

Hepatitis C Research:  This  trend to law suits was completely predictable, but right?  I think not.  In the words of a friend of mine “Fuck me, what do I know?”

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I don’t know the answers, so I raise my hand to ask

Hepatitis C patients want to sue drug companies post  research treatment, claiming permanent emotional and mental damage. How do they know which came first? 

  Here is one site I found while looking into the topic,    At the end you will note an absence of comment from me. I don’t know why I am lacking compassion. Am I a patient?  Am I a scientist?  I was better off with the Hepatitis C!



Your Question for Lloyd

I was wondering how I get involved in the class action against interferon. While taking the drug, I dropped down to 79 lbs, and now have Gastroparesis and Crohns disease as a result.

The interferon paralyzed my stomach, and I am considering having a pacemaker put in because I am constantly vomitting and nausea us, and dropping dramatic weight. I am on disability because of this, and its caused me immense mental distress, as well as my daughters.

Please tell me what I need to do to get involved. I can not work and there for am unable to provide the life I wanted. I was better off with the hepatitis C! 🙂

I have just finished taking Interferon and Ribavirin for Hep C

I have just finished taking Interferon and Ribavirin for Hep C. I took it for 6 months and was cured of HEP C; however, no my liver and kidneys are suffering. Two months ago I had a perfect liver besides some fat. Now, I have Cirrhosis spots and the dr. said it has acquired 2 YEARS of damage in 30 days.
I was wondering if there was any lawsuit I could join or any other programs? I now am facing cancer most likely and have 4 children and nothing to leave behind to help them.
Thanks you. -Jim Thomas

Long Term Sides that ruined my life after hep c treatment


Can you help direct me?  “They never told me that I would be disabled permenantly when I treated in 2006,  My nervous system is a mess.  I have severe panic attacks, depression, eyesight is really bad, still ache all over, agoraphobia.   This has brought me down from being a productive & employed ‘to being below poverty level (cause I’m unstable i cannot hold a job for long) and I have been on the brinks of homelessness for the passed months;  I’ve been suffering since 2006.

This treatment ruined my life!

Sent: Thursday, November 10, 2011 3:55 PM To: LloydWright Subject: [Contact Lloyd] Severe disability resulting from Interferon + Ribavirin treatment in 2003. I was never warned and I’m seeking legal advice and/or recourse
_Smith sent a message using the contact form at
post Interferon nightmare

In September 2008 I started Peg Interferon. I stopped after 6 months. Here is my story:
My name is Nick I am a now 30 year old father of an almost three year old little girl named _____. ( D.O.B.: ) and husband of a 32 year old wife named _____  (D.O.B.: ) I was 27 going on 28 years old when I found out I got the Hep. C Virus. About 6 months to a year before that I was giving plasma every 6 months until finally the next time I went in to give it I found out that recently I caught the Hep. C virus.

phase II clinical trial SOC and Boceprevir – Join the Suit

Lloyd Wright, An email friend referred your site. I am currently in a federal law suit for permanent injury sustained from my participation in a clinical trial of PegIntron / Rebetol / Boceprevir. I suffer multi-system sarcoidosis with occular, renal and pulmonary involvement caused by PegIntron and Rebetol treatment.

Lee Prokaska The Hamilton Spectator Canada (Jun 3, 2010)

It is virtually impossible to put an accurate and true dollar value on a loved one lost.

But when a mechanism is set up to try to do that, when responsibility is accepted by government, it is unacceptable for families to lose yet again by failing to receive the full compensation they deserve.

Group to sue over hepatitis C

People with hepatitis C have formed a group to sue the government and drugmakers for damages over their infection during mass vaccinations even though they have no clear evidence, such as medical charts.

12 thoughts on “And Now For Something Completely Predictable: Law Suits with Hepatitis C Treatments

  1. i got hep C in2000 and went through rebertron / and interferon for a year and noe i have stomic problems that they cant find out why i have it, and i have joint achs every night, and have trouble sleeping


    • Hi Kenny, so sorry for your situation. Are you cured of Hep C? I have been skating with depression since my first round of treatment. But that will get better. Meanwhile my liver is good and why do you think they call it LIVEr? You need it to live.


  2. It’s been over 5 years since my 48 week Peginterferin ribivarin treatment for HepC. I have become a shell if my former self. The mental, emotional and physical side affects are real and devestatingly brutal. I used to run an engineering ing firm, our own business and volunteer at the kids schools. Now I can hardly leave home. I’m depressed anxious panicked agoraphobic bipolar and lost. The physical pain the nerve pain only adds to my misery. I feel like I’m slowly dying inside and losing my mind along the way. I was once confident active and engaged. I am a complete wreck compared to the woman I once was. It is almost impossible to describe the mental anguish. I wish I could help myself. I wish I could help others What is one to do? Is there light at the end if this tunnel? When will we find help, understanding and satisfaction? How can we get this drug off the market? I’m ready to get out if this hellhole. Is anyone fighting for our rights out there???


  3. i have a similer story where i have bakers cysts cysts on my hand and soles of my feet a weird dent on the top of my head cant sleep always sick panic attacks anxiety and my eyes are blurry and my hair fell out and depression plus i now have rhumatory arthritis and the list goes on and on , im also looking to sue for this drug that destroyed my life can anyone let nme know im at my name is tony phillips i live in etobicoke and have finished my treatment 1 year ago and cant work or do much of anything becasuse of the drugs please let me know if there is any kind of action we can take thank you ………..victim of hep-c treatment!!!


  4. Sadly it doesn’t get better. I finished treatment 6 years ago. I have since been dealing with horrible sideffects, including anxiety, depression, muscle joint and nerve pain. Also weekly bouts of gastrointestinal issues. I am only 32 and feel twice my age. I haven’t been able to work since treatment.


  5. I am 16 years post treatment , before treatment with interferon my only symptoms were tiredness, now the list is long. Severe nerve, joint and bone pain, eye problems where my eyes won’t focus, headaches continually, insomnia, severe memory loss. The doctors try and blame memory problems on the hep c , but as I said to one “I didn’t have memory problems before interferon, 1 month into it is when they started.
    Some doctors seem to think the interferon triggers autoimmune diseases like lupus and they believe if you have a family history of autoimmune diseases that the interferon will trigger the on set of it.
    The only people I have met that talk about hep c brain fog are those that have been on interferon.


    • 8 years agree interferon I am still struggling with brain fog, my vision is blurry and perscription glasses are not as effective as I hoped as it appears the blur worsens over time. My joints do ache, I feel arthritic often. But the worst part has been the awful anxiety and overwhelming emotional challenges. I still drink water like crazy, eat healthy and move my body but I lost my mojo, literally myself because of the treatment. I felt great before it too, a little tired and more irritable but had great life and job, ran two businesses and was active in my community, often speaking publicly and able to multi task and deeply concentrate. My emotional instability now has caused major issues and I’m in counseling regularly which helps. I’ve been on anti depressants and mood stabilizer for years. I can’t keep a straight thought, it’s hard to remember things and retain them now. Although my viral loads are still undetectable, my personality has been forever altered and I struggle daily to overcome the discomfort. I would advise do everything you can using natural means but don’t ever let them give you interferon again. I still can’t work because of extreme social and general anxiety and my inability to remain focused. Oh plus apparently I am now bipolar. That drug almost destroyed me and I’m a lucky one. Just get help, yoga and walks and nature bring me some peace. Massage and chiropractic care ease the pain. I wish you well. Please let’s keep each other posted should There ever be a class action. Good luck!


  6. I was on the alpha 2b treatment program for hep c.If i.would have known then,what i know now,i never would have done it. It ruined me,and so sad reading all the comments.We are all the same,we were test dummies for the drug industry.I deal every hour of every day with wanting to just die.I have no life anymore.If i didn’t have three kids.i would have checked out long ago.Double diagnosed severe deppression.PTSD,my eyesightis going fast.I hurt all over.And i mean i HURT.Someone needs to be held accountable.And i wanna sew there ass.If anyone knows an attorney handling this please help.


    • I am grateful to be a research drug recipient. Yes, I understand all your symptoms. Yes I am still on big doses of anti-depressants and see a psychiatrist quarterly. Yes I gave up horseback riding because my balance never returned. BUT I am alive and enjoy it. I just readjusted my expectations.


  7. I took interfrion and ribavirin few years stoped needed triple by-pass had stroke bone disease kidney blood nerve disease no feelings in my legs used me 7 injection a week 12 pills daily ribavirin
    I live in pain every day over 240 ng oxy day


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